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Living Legacy

Transforming the way we see life. 

If you could create anything what would it be?

A living legacy landscape is about transforming the way we see life.  How do we want to live, how do we want to give back, make an impact, affect the world, create ripples? 

Maybe your legacy is about inspiring and uplifting others.  Do you want to create a living legacy landscape that provides others with a place to connect and restore using the elements of the earth?

Deer resistant backyard
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My living legacy landscape is about transforming grief, the way we see death, life, and perhaps cemeteries.

It will be a journey through a landscape that emphasizes connection. Connecting with plants, the earth, loved ones who have passed, and most importantly, connecting with yourself. A living legacy landscape is a way to give our heart and soul a way to express what it’s aching to say.

Grief is feeling loss or separation.  What if you didn't feel separated?  What if you felt connected?  What if death was a reason for celebration?  Your loved one has been reunited with the fullness of who they really are.  When you understand that your dearly departed haven't really gone anywhere - THAT changes everything.